The complete Service Management System

It has everything to manage Quote, Jobs, Mobile Workforce, Service Forms, Contract Management, Accounts Receivable – See how ServicePRO can transform your business by Test Driving it yourself!


State of the Art Scheduling

ServicePRO schedule will adapt to the way your business will do scheduling – why not Test Drive ServicPRO today and see how it can transform your business?


SMS Customers Directly

Send SMS to your customer’s directly – notify them of their service. Call our office and schedule a Demo and see how ServicePRO can transform your business!

Heat Maps and Site Plans
Heat Maps and Site Plans

Heat Maps

With ServicePRO Heat Maps, you can immediately see where the problem areas are. Your customer will be too happy to know that he is being looked after.

ServicePRO has everything you need –

scheduling, allocation, dispatch, mobility, inspection reports, bar coding, customer portal, Xero integration

ServicePRO Products

The Industries that ServicePRO currently is implemented in.


PestAPP a complete management software encpsulating the back-office administration staff and the mobile workforce.

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WasteAPP is a complete Skip Bin Hire Software Program encapsulates back office administration, driver run sheets, delivery dockets and mobile workforce.

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FireAPP enhances your Fire Extinguisher Service business by enhancing the productivity of the field service by capturing the data real time and sending it back to the office.

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ServicePRO Features

Below are the standard features for each industry APP.


ServicePRO is a Complete CRM - no need to have any other systems

Scheduling & Allocation

Schedule and Allocate your field service workforce with ease

Service Forms/Reports

Fire Service, Inspection and Delivery Forms all included


ServicePRO manages field service workforce with ease - Android or iOS - your choice.

Reminder Letters

Reminders is our strongest asset - by email, SMS, phone call or snail mail

Reoccurring Jobs

If you are doing any Commercial reoccurring work, ServicePRO will manage it for you.

Bar Coding

Bar Coding fire extinguisher or Rodent Stations?

Customer Portal

Let your customer's access and generate their own activity reports and trend analysis.

Xero Integration

ServicePRO has complete Debtor Integration with Xero.

Sales Analysis

Analyse your sales to see how well your business is doing


Send everything to your customer using our secure email service


SMS your customers to remind them of their service

Tools for the Mobile Workforce

Some of things your field service can do with ServicePRO

Service Reports

Do a Service Report quickly and efficiently, complete with photos and site plan on your phone or tablet.

Termite Inspection Report on iPhone/iPad

All Inspection Reports can be done on Apple or Android devices.

Commercial Pest Control

You can use Bar Coding to Scan all the Rodent Bait Stations in your Commercial Sites.

What we hearing about ServicePRO

From our customers, industry experts, business owners and journalists, here is what they are saying about ServicePRO

Temisoft introduced Software Technology to the Pest Management Industry

Pesticon 2022
Ian Stanton

Right from day one, what impressed us was Kevork and his team's preparedness to become truly involved and engaged in our business, like another business partner.

Exopest Pest Control
Simon Dixon

Using ServicePRO, we never miss out on carrying out termite monitoring and baiting system checks or scheduled services, While ServicePRO provides more than adequate rigour, it also enables and facilitates business management flexibility.

Ant Eater Pest Control
Simon Lean

Taking Data from our hand held scanners we can produce meaningful graphs and flow charts, that's fantastic!

Exopest Pest Control
Simon Dixon

Temisoft ensures that program updates are automatically built in, after full throttle testing, generally without any involvement from us.

Always Updated
Kevork Temisgian

From day one, we've relied on ServicePRO to help us handle these business management issues. And, as the software has evolved, we have found that it has enabled us to do more business and do it better. For instance, with ServicePRO, our customer service team can log the jobs in and determine immediately if they are on contracts or on regular service schedules.

Ant Eater Pest Control
Simon Lean

ServicePRO-PestApp allows us to do all our Rodent Station Bar Coding, Activity Reports and Trend Analysis all in one single product. We have tried a number of other products, but nothing seems to come close to ServicePRO-PestApp.

Traps Pest Control
Jack Loncar

Is truly an evolution in 'Enterprise Mobility'